13 Awesome Tents for a unique camping experience

awesome tents

If you are looking for a different camping experiance, a awesome tent will is the way to do it. Here is a list of the most unique tent we could find to camp in.

Cool and Awesome tents:

Bubble Tent

awesome tents

The Bubble Tent is probably the most unique and awesome tents on the planet! The tent comes in either clear or opaque design, so make sure how you plan to use it before you buy it. There are 3 different models to choose from, the crystal bubble with clear walls and a 360 deg view which makes for a great stargazing tent.Then there is the BubbleRoom with opaque walls and comes with blow-up cupboards and beds and even has electricity. The BubbleLodge is like a hotel room, even with an attached bathroom.

Just make sure you have an air conditioner plugged in if you are not camping in the snow.

Orange Solar Tent

Cool camping tents

Kaleidoscope came up with this fantastic design with music festivals in mind. The solar panels cannot only charge your electronic gadgets during the day, but the panels also help keep the tent cool.  During the night, soft internal lighting keeps the inside bright. The concept design has under floor heating and a central hub to take care of all your power needs. The sad news is it's not in commercial production yet.

Here is a  sneak peak of the future of tent design:

Heimplanet Maverick

amazing tents

This is the terminator of all tents. Heimplanet has designed this tent specifically for extreme expeditions and environments. The tent can be pitched by one person in a short time and can withstand wind speeds of up to 180km/h. The inflatable structure keeps the tent rigid and no breakable tent poles are needed.


cool tent

This tent needs no introduction; we have mentioned it before as one of the best summer tents. Keeping you elevated, it avoids the damp ground, keeping you away from creepy-crawlies and keeps you cool. Above all it just makes for awesome views and a unique camping experience.

The VW Camper Tent

awesome tents

This is a life size 1965 VW Camper tent sleeps up to 4 people and will be the talk of any campsite.

Decathlon 2-second tent

great camping tents

If you are one of those people that hates the process of pitching your tent or always has to struggle in the dark we have found the answer for you. This 2-man tent you can pitch in 2 seconds flat! This great, lightweight tent is also very reasonably priced.

Concrete Tent

amazing tents

Although too heavy to take on your next hiking trip this tent is awesome. Made out of concrete canvas, this is a shelter in a bag. It only needs water and air to make permanent structures for emergency or relief work. Have a look at this:

Topeak's Bikamper

Bicycle tent

If you are planning your next bicycle trek this might be just the tent for you. This unique design doesn’t use any tent poles, but only the frame of your bike. Only down side is you have to collapse it every time you want to go for a ride.

Tent Camper Opera House

unique tents

Stealing its design from the Sydney Opera House this camper trailer you tow will get some stares wherever you go. This awesome tent comes with all the amenities you would expect from an opera house tent. It’s got a kitchen, bathroom, outdoor shower, integrated lighting and a boiler for hot water.


awesome tent

Is it a tree house, a tent, or a Teepee, no it’s a Treepee. Every kids dream tent. Being part tent, part tree house this tent can be for your back garden for the kids to play or keeping them occupied on the next camping trip. Either way it’s awesome!

Lotus Belle Luxury Tent

glamping tent

If roughing it is not your thing and glamping is the name of your game, this tent is perfect for you. This canvas yurt-like tent is huge and is as comfortable as a tent can get. The opening can be covered with interchangeable mesh or PVC depending what the weather is like.

Cocoon Tree

awesome camping tents

This suspension tent is made from aircraft grade aluminum and can be custom designed to your liking from double beds to ensuite bathrooms.

Camping Doughnut

cool camping tents

This innovative, concept tent consist of 2 L-shaped units that can either form a S-bend or a O-shaped tent and can collapse to fit on your car’s roof top. Each unit will have 2 rooms and a recreational space big enough for 2-4 people. Worst thing is that it’s only in concept design so far.

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