15 Types Of Camping For You To Enjoy The Outdoors

types of camping

Camping is a very general term, bringing to mind thoughts of taking the family to a campground, pitching the tent, sitting around the campfire telling stories, and enjoying outdoor activities during the day. This, however, is only one form of camping. As you will find out there are many different types of camping all with one thing in common. Enjoying nature, wilderness, and the outdoors.

Here are The Different Camping Types:

Tent Camping

types of camping

Tent camping is the most common type of camping and can take place in various locations. This involves choosing your favorite Location, where you can pitch your tent as your base, and this is where you will sleep for your trip. This is a great option for families with children for many reasons. It is a cheap holiday, it gets the whole family outdoors and it creates an opportunity to work together and learn different outdoor skills while bonding.
What you will need
A Tent
The size of the tent you choose will depend on how many people are sleeping in it. For sleeping four people comfortably, I would choose, a six-person tent.
Cooking Supplies
Look at the amenities of the park where you are staying. Does it have a camp kitchen? If not, you will need to take a gas cooktop. An icebox/cooler/esky, depending on where you are in the world, is a must if you are tent camping and not moving Location.

Beach Camping:

best types of camping

Beach camping is perfect for anybody who enjoys the ocean. Many surfers and fishermen are drawn to this type of camping for obvious reasons. Families also take note this is a great camping trip for kids. We took our children camping to a beach campground last year, and it was their favorite camping trip to date, yet none of them surf or fish.

What you will need
All the items for tent camping, also;
A shade cloth or sail is an excellent addition to camping at the beach as there is not always shade available. It is a must if you are a family with kids. A front door mat or floor material is important, as nobody likes sand in their tent or a sandy mattress.  The foam kids jigsaw squares work well. There are also many materials on the market which allow sand to fall through.

Canoe / Kayak Camping:

fun types of camping

Canoe Camping combines kayaking and camping whilst traveling downstream during the daytime. If you love the water, kayaking, and spending time in the outdoors then Canoe Camping is for you.
What you will need: Besides the obvious of bedding, supplies, and of course your canoe, you will definitely need a few wet packs to keep it all in.


different types of camping

Glamping is a short word for glamorous camping. It involves camping with household luxuries available so there is no sacrificing on comfort. There is a wide range of glamping accommodations available worldwide. From cabins in the woods, villas on a sandy beach, eco-lodges in a forest, a yurt on a mountaintop, a treehouse, tipi, fancy erected hard tents, or a yacht. These all have the luxuries of bed, bathroom, and usually kitchen facilities.

Hiking / Backpacking Camping

amazing types of camping

Backpacking camping involves spending the day hiking and exploring with your pack of gear and equipment on your back. This is a great way of exploring nature and spending time exercising while exploring. In the afternoon, once reaching your destination, erect your tent or throw down your swag. Nighttime is sleeping, re-energizing for the next day of exploring and hiking. Hyperlite Backpacking is another extreme of camping.
What you will need
Not much... The most important item will be your shoes. When it comes to backpacking you will spend a lot of time hiking. A supportive comfortable pair of shoes is essential for your feet, body, and comfort. A Backpack is an important purchase. Again comfort should be on the list when it comes to buying your pack, also how long will your trips last for - how large should it be. Backpackers often carry enough supplies in their pack to last several weeks.
Swag or sleeping bag that can be attached or clipped to the backpack.
A water bladder is imperative. Hydrate often. Just remember, you carry everything, so it is cardinal to keep your pack as light as possible. The are many manufactures that design normal camping gear in ultralight materials to keep your weight and size down

RV or Van Camping

types of camping

 RV / Van camping allows you to explore and enjoy all the outdoor activities and sights while enjoying all the amenities of home. Including kitchen facilities, toilet, TV and best of all a comfortable bed. Another advantage of RV camping is you do not have to erect and disassemble your sleeping quarters every time you move. This is why Retired folk "Greynomads" are fond of this style of camping.
Disadvantages: You cannot venture offroad with most of these vans and RV's can be very expensive.

4WD/ Overland Camping

family types of camping

4WD/Overland Camping is traveling in overland transport during the day. This part of the journey is the main part of this style of camping. At night time you spend the night camping. The beauty of this style of camping is that you have plenty of room to store camping supplies. This type of camping can last from days to months to years. 4wd camping also allows you to explore very remote destinations or campsites well of the beaten track. The vehicle can be modified as your pockets are deep, from a beaten up 4wd to impressive go-anywhere machines with all the creature comforts. There are lots of 4wd clubs and communities that organize regular camping trips and it is a fun community.

Bicycle Camping

Bicycle Camping is very popular. The only reason you would not have heard of it is if you are not a cycling enthusiast. With bicycle camping there are many advantages, you need to pack very little. It is cheap. It is sometimes done with a group of people which makes for a fun holiday.
Also, when bicycle camping, you have the choice of where you want to stay at night, a hotel, hostel, or carrying a swag and opt to sleep under the stars.

Adventure Camping

Adventure Camping is for the thrill seeker and advanced Campers, not the faint-hearted or families with young kids.  Enjoying the outdoors with limited supplies, usually,  just a pack, is what adventure Camping is all about. Exploring nature, hiking or traveling during the day & resting at night for the next day's outdoor exercise, is the routine of the adventure camper. Adventure camping is also about testing your limits, pushing yourself to the extreme, and your endurance of being a minimalist.

Reenactment Camping

reenactment types of camping

Reenactment camping is exactly as it sounds. It is camping reenacting a certain period in time replicating technologies and conditions for the period. World Wars, the wild west & medieval are a few popular periods. There are many reenactment societies worldwide that organize these camps.

Survivalist Camping

survival types of camping

Survivalist Camping has recently gained in popularity with the hardcore extremist.  In survival camping, you will need to learn to survive in all outdoor environments from jungles,  desserts to very cold places. Survivalist camping includes hunting for & cooking your food.

Winter Camping

types of camping winter

Winter camping is popular with skiing and snowboarding, as camping is cheap accommodation in an expensive sport. You can also venture further afield, allowing you all the untouched snow you ever dreamed of to ski on. Winter camping has many pluses. There are no crowds, bugs, or mosquitoes, and it's easy to layer and warm-up, whereas in the summertime your tent is often like a sauna by mid-morning.

Work Camping

Work camping is popular with "backpackers".  It involves working and camping. Most work campers volunteer their skills or services, they are then "paid" or compensated with free campsite &/or utilities. For example, water and electricity. Most work camping positions are seasonal.Enter your text here...

Hammock Camping

types of camping

Hammock camping is an excellent alternative to tent camping that you may not have thought of. Hammocks are easy to put up and takedown. They are smaller to pack and usually cheaper than a tent. The biggest plus with a hammock is that they are extremely comfortable sleeping.

Backyard Camping

types of camping

Camping in your backyard may not seem exciting or even a type of camping. Ask any 10year old, and I bet they will disagree!  Backyard camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors if you do not have the money to go tent camping for the weekend or cannot leave the house. Backyard camping is a perfect time to teach your kids how to pitch a tent or make a fire with the backup of home amenities if it starts to rain, or it all goes pear shape. If you have kids that are fearful of sleeping in a different environment, backyard camping is a brilliant way to help get your kids more accustomed to sleeping in a tent. This will help make your actual camping trip in nature less stressful and more pleasurable for the kids and parents.

So, from Backyard Camping to Adventure/Survival Camping, there is a type of camping for every budget, fitness level, season, and age to enjoy.

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