16 Awesome Camping Gadgets

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When you are camping you do not get extra points or enjoyment when you are struggling. Here are the best camping gadgets and gear that will make you’re next camping experience so much better. For some more great camping hacks go here!

WineMeUp Silicone Wine Glasses

awesome camping gadget

Boldly go where no wine glass has gone before! These elegant wine glasses are made of non-stick, food-grade silicone rubber. Pack these foldable, washable, crushable glasses in your backpack or picnic basket for a camping trip, a day at the beach or going to the pool where no glass is allowed. To make life even easier, just stick them in the dishwasher when you get back home.

PackTowl Personal Towel

best camping gear

This ultra soft traveling towel is made of a Polyester/Nylon microfiber blend. It weighs only 90 grams and folds into a ridiculously small size. The towel absorbs 4 times its weight and then wrings out almost completely dry. It is machine washable and comes in sizes from S-XXL. Not only is it great for camping and traveling but perfect for the gym when you are back home.

Advance Elements Portable Pocket Sink

Awesome camping gear

A number of outdoor companies have tried to make a portable sink, but most designs fall a bit short of the mark. This foldable camping sink however is spot on. This rugged 4-layer construction with a wire rim keeps the shape of the sink and does not collapse. The rim is also big enough to get bigger pots and plates in side to clean. It holds 10 litres of water and comes in a carry bag.

BioLite Campestove

Awesome camping gear

Enter your Turn your fire into electricity. This awesome camp stove can not only cook your food, but also charge any electronic device through a USB port. Stick your firewood, twigs or cones you pick up around your campsite into the stove and while you cook your food the excess heat is converted into electricity via a thermo electric generator. 20 minutes of charging will provide an hour of talk time for an IPhone. here...

Sea To Summit Pocket Shower

awesome camping gadgets

Tired of being filthy on your camping or hiking trip, this pocket shower is your answer. This shower folds into a tiny bag and will give you an 8 min shower with the head fully open. A twist mechanism can adjust the flow and for multi-function you can use it as a dry bag.

UST 30 Day Lantern

best camping gadgets

This lantern is much smaller than anything brighter, and much brighter than anything smaller. Its been tested by numerous companies and it well and truly last for 30 days (lowest setting) at a time. It runs on 3 D-cell batteries and the low setting provides 29 lumens for 30 days, the medium setting 150 lumens for 3.5 days and the high setting 300 lumens for 32 hours. It also has a flashing strobe-like function for emergencies. It even has a tiny flashing locator light for when you leave it in the dark, so it’s easy to find.

Nomad Collapsible Tub

camping tub

Forget about camping in comfort, this is camping in style! This awesome portable hot tub holds 225 gallons of water and with a diameter of 5 feet and 2 feet tall it will accommodate 4 good friends. The Nomad collapses into a 15x15 inched cube and weighs around 20 pounds. The heating coil can either be used with firewood or propane and a pump is recommended so that you don’t have to make 1000 trips to the lake to fill the tub.


awesome camping gear

Cant bear the thought of camping without your daily dose of Java, then this one is for you. The Minipresso makes near machinelike espresso shot with no electricity needed. This compact unit takes coffee grinds or pods, add some hot water give it a couple of pumps and there you go, could not be easier. The best part, the cap also doubles as a cup.

Mavericks Inflatable Tent

awesome outdoor gadgets

Heimplanet has made a tent that looks as if it is a fortress for Stormtroopers. It is made to withstand winds of up to 180km/h and one person can pitch it in 10 mins. All you have to do is unpack and inflate…done! It’s little cousin “The Cave “ is not built for such extreme weather condition, but still very impressive.

NiteIze Reflective Rope Pack

great camping gear

I don’t think I have ever been camping when a friend or family member have not walked into the tent guy line in the middle of the night. Funny if it is you’re mate, not so funny if it is you. The NiteIze reflective rope is a nylon rope with a special reflective tape woven into it. It’s clearly visible at night and makes it perfect for tent guy ropes, boating or any shelter ropes. It comes in 50 ft. lengths.

CGear MultiMat

awesome camping gear

We love this mat. Originally designed for helicopter landing pads but was so effective it was introduced to the camping world. Sand, dirt and dust fall straight through the mat, but cannot back through the mat. This makes it fantastic for your camping chair area or even better, inside your tent if you can’t stand sand and dirt inside it like me. Its non-absorbent and any liquid runs straight through it.

VSSL Outdoor Utility Tool

great camping gadgets

This 8" long, 2" diameter waterproof anodized aluminium cylinder comes in 3 varieties, Supplies, First Aid and Shelter and doubles as a LED flashlight. Depending on which model you chooses the compartmentalized goodies will include candles, matches, razor, light weight shelter, compass…. the list goes on.

Scrubba Wash Bag

awesome outdoor gear

This is the smallest washing machine in the world and weighs in at 150 grams. It’s a modern take on the old washboard way of cleaning clothes. Inside the bag is hundreds of cleaning nodules that delivers a machine quality wash. All you have to do is fill, roll and clip, deflate, rub, rinse and dry. Perfect for extended camping trips or backpacking.

Mystical Fire

great outdoor gadgets

If a campfire is the TV of the bush, then with Mystical Fire you just got super HD. This fire novelty turns your fire into vibrant colors and provides endless amounts of entertainment for the whole family and makes for a great camping game.

Tool Logic SLP2 Knife

best camping Gadget

There are hundreds of survival knives on the market today, but if you are tired of biting down on a flashlight or ask someone to hold it for you while you cut your steak on the BBQ, this is the only one. This great tactical knife has a built in flashlight that lights up directly where you are cutting. For the hardcore camper there is a magnesium fire starter and emergency whistle incorporated. To top it off you can submerge it in shallow water for that time you need to cut a rope underwater, in the dark, with one hand.

Bluescrew Ground Anchors

Best outdoor gear

Think of them as tent pegs on steroids. These ground anchors are designed for soft soil, like beach sand, snow or even underwater and allows you to have anchor point which was previously unthinkable. No hammering is needed; a couple of twists into the ground and you are good to go. They come in 2 sizes depending on your needs.

ATN Bin Ox Night Vision Binoculars:

 Camera and Night Vision

Night vision binoculars are great, they are even better if the have a build in camera. The ATN binoculars are the best night vision binoculars with a build in camera. Its got a host of futures and takes great pictures.


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