27 Practical Camping Hacks That You Will Use

camping hacks

Camping is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and you don't get any extra points for struggling. Here are some great camping hacks that will make your next camping trip much more enjoyable:

1) Glow Stick Necklace

glow stick camping hack

When the sun goes down it does not mean your kids will. To make your life so much easier looking after them, hang a glow stick necklace around their necks so that you are aware where they are at all times.

2) Water Jug Lantern

water jug lantern camping hack

Turn your head torch inside out against a water jug that's filled with water to make an instant lantern. While on the subject of head torches when you buy one, make sure it's got a redlight function, your fellow campers will love you.

3) Oral gel For Bites

insect bite relief camping tip

Oral gel works great for those itching and irritating mosquito bites ( in facs for all bites).

4) Belt and Hook Pot Organiser

Pot hanging camping hack

A belt and some hooks will help you organise your camping kitchen. Hang all your heavy pots and pans out of the way.

5) Biodegradeable Flagging Tape

Biodegradable flagging tape camping tip

Mark your trail with some biodegradable flagging tape.

6) Soap and Cotton Balls for Ticks

Tick removal camping hack

Soak a cotton ball in some hand soap and place it over a tick thats on your skin. After a short time the tick will let go.

7) Roll Duct Tape on a Water Bottle or Lighter

Duct tape camping hack

Duct tape has a million and one uses and can be a lifesaver on a camping trip. Instead of carrying a big roll, tape it around your water bottle or lighter to have it with you all the time.

8) A Water Bottle Holds 8 Eggs

Eggs in water bottle camping hack

Stop stressing about eggs breaking for your trip. Drop them in a water bottle for easy transport.

9) Sticks and Stones Won't Break My Bones

Tarp grommet camping tip

Missing a grommet to hang your tarp up, put a stone where the grommet used to be and tie a knot around it, Voila, there is a new grommet. Insert a stick through a loop in your rope for easy tarp suspension.

10) Vacuum Seal Your Food

Vacuum sealed food for camping tip

Preparing your food prior to your trip will save a lot hassle in the dark. Cutting and prepping the the food will not only save yourself some problems but will also make it last a lot longer.

11) Tic Tac Containers

Tic Tac spice container hack

From tackle boxes, first aid kits to spice containers, Tic Tac boxes make fantastic containers for camping.

12) Lube A Sticky Zipper With A Candle

Stuck tent zipper camping tip

Rub an (unlit) candle over a sticky tent zipper for easy movement. While on the subject of zippers, stick a large keyring through it when you are camping in cold weather so that you can get your fingers through while you still have your gloves on.

13) Orange Candle

orange candle camping hack

Kids love this one! Use the top side of an orange peel, fill it with some olive oil for a lovely smelling camping candle. Just be careful, they are not too stable. Here is a  link on how to make one.

14) Soda Can Stove

Beer can camping stove hack

This simple hack makes a great camping stove out of a soda or beer can. Here is a tutorial.

15) Shoe Rack Kitchen Organizer

Shoe rack camping hack

A shoe rack makes a great organiser for your camping kitchen or to keep the inside of your tent in order. It also rolls up in next to nothing when you travel.

16) Folding BBQ Grid

BBQ Grid for camping

The folding BBQ grid is the only grid you should have. Steaks, fish, toasties or gourmet dishes, this type of grid eliminates tongs and can handle anything with just a flip.

17) Camping Bucket Toilet

Camping toilet DIY

Hate those midnight trips to the loo, this is a great little DIY project. If DIY is not for you, here are the best camping toilet you can buy.

18) Frozen Jugs for your Cooler

Frozen water jug camping tip

Freeze bottles of water for your camping cooler. It saves on ice, stops your cooler from getting full of water and ice slush and you will have extra water when it melts.

19) Foam Floor Tiles

Floor tile camping hack

Foam floor tiles in the bottom of your tent will make it very comfortable to walk and sleep on. If it has holes in it, all the sand falls through to the bottom and if you combine it with one of these CGear mats outside, a sandy tent is something of the past.

20) Speaker In A Cup

Camping speaker

Don't have a speaker to listen to some music around your campfire?Just drop your phone into a cup or bowl to amplify the sound

21) Solar Lights Around Your Tent Pegs

Solar light tent pegs

Bang some solar lights in next to your tent pegs to avoid those midnight accidents.

22) Hand Wash Station

hand wash station for camping

When you are camping with kids this station is a great idea!

23) Locker Divider

ddevider in cooler camping tip

Inserting a locker divider inside your cooler will keep items out of the water when the ice starts to melt.

24) Pop-up Trash Can

Camping trash can hack

This pop-up camping trash can cost nothing and folds into next to nothing.

25) Glow In The Dark Bubbles

Glow in the dark bubbles for camping

Kids go mental over this camping game! Carefully cut open a glow stick and pour the fluid into your bubble mixture, give it a shake and let the fun begin.

26) Toiletries On A Rope

Travelling toiletries on a lanyard

Hang all your toiletries on a lanyard for easy trips to the showers.

27) Glow Stick In A Cooler

Glow stick in cooler camping tip

Drop a glow stick in your camping cooler so that you can easily get your drinks in the dark.

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