Arctic Air Tent Air Conditioner

tent air conditioner

The Arctic Air Portable Air Conditioner was originally designed as a portable aircraft air conditioner but it works great as a tent air conditioner.

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The units come in 3 different sizes namely 30, 38 and 52 quarts, single or dual driven fan and it can be either 12V or 24V (the 12v unit makes sense for campers). The unit works by ice water cooling a coil and ambient air is blown over the coil by a 2-speed fan and is directed into the tent.
The 32-quart model weighs 32 lbs when full and the 52-quart model 67 lbs. On the low setting it will feed a constant stream of cool air for 3 hours and on the highest setting it will cool the air up to 35deg.
The downside of this unit, apart from the obvious constant supply of ice is that they are rather expensive. Due to strict aircraft safety regulations they had to conform to a lot of safety features, which increased their price, but at least it makes it a quality product.

Unlike swamp coolers these units don’t humidify the air so they can live inside the tent and the big unit will cool a family size tent. It also comes with flexible tubing to direct the air into any direction for maximum comfort and a drainage tube to keep the unit in the tent if you want.

Here is a demo video for the cooler:

If ice is not a problem the Arctic Air Portable Air Conditioner is a good solution for a tent air conditioner but pricing might put it out of reach for some campers. In that case this DIY tent air conditioner might be a good alternative or this small air conditioner.


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