Camping in Sand:What You Need to Know.

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Whether You’re a fair-weather camper or you don’t mind roughing it, no one likes sand in their tent, actually it can make your trip pretty miserable. There are many ways you can help keep sand out of your tent, which will make your camping expedition a lot more pleasant; here are some handy ideas with items you will probably have around the house:

Tips for keeping sand out of a tent:

- Bring a groundsheet, shade cloth or tarp and make sure your front door area has the large mat under it. A shade cloth is better than a tarp as the material allows the sand and dirt to fall through.

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- Make sure shoes are taken off at edge of mat furthest away from the tent.

- Set the tent up on grass or other vegetation other than sand if you have a choice, it does make life a lot easier. If you do like camping on sand like many of us, make sure you bring a dustpan and broom.

- It is a good idea to take eye drops on your trip, as sand in the eyes is never nice.

- Place your tent opening down wind. I know it sounds common sense but it makes all the difference, you do not want sand being blown in your front door.

- Keep your Zip closed, the wind can change direction quickly and you don’t want to be unprepared.

- Keep your tent clean on the inside. All food in storage containers, leave anything wet outside to dry before bringing in. Keep valuables such as mobile phones, cameras, ipad’s etc in zip lock bags to keep dirt and sand out as well as keeping dry.

- Use large plastic tubs with lids to keep all cooking utensils in. It can also be used for dry food, towels and bedding

- Bring zip lock bags, they are only a few dollars a box and take several different sizes of bags for all kinds of things. They keep sand out and items dry.

- Baby powder, yes baby powder, use a container and sprinkle it on the mat outside. This helps remove the sand from the bottom of your feet. It also helps to get sand out of the kids scalps and diaper area.

- Hang things up (even if they aren’t wet, make sure nothing is left on the ground. Use a hanger for a paper towel holder, (cut bottom corner and slide on paper towel.)

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- Have a bucket / tray or wide container that you can use as a watering station, but make sure you have a towel (hanging up) or paper towel on hand.

- Set up your kitchen or cooking area away from the sand, as well as away from traffic. Have a fold up table to keep a clean plate on, so that your cooking utensils can be kept of the dirt.

- Kids foam jigsaw Mats are a great idea for the floor of your tent or outside the door area.

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- Quality Sand Pegs or tent pegs are a must if you are going to be camping in the sand, to keep your shade cloths, tarp and tent down for that matter.

A proper groundsheet is by far the best way to combat a sandy tent. Here are some good options:

Best Groundsheet for Camping in Sand:

 It comes in 2 sizes. 6ft x 8ft and 20ft x 8ft. Watch the Sand, Dirt and dust disappear. This is a Camping/beach mat which is a dual layer design that creates a one-way street for sand, dirt and dust particles. The particles fall through from above, however cannot come back up through the mat. It was originally designed to keep dust away from Helicopters as they land. The Multi mat is made from high-density polyethylene layers. It gives 90% UV Protection, so it can double as a shade cloth or windbreak, as it is made of shade cloth like material. It has brass eyelets in each corner so it needs to be pegged down on soft ground.

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This is the cheapest of the sand proof mats on the market. It is a double layer of mesh, PVC material. It dries quickly, actually almost instantly and has a 1year Unlimited warranty.

Best Tent Stakes for Camping in Sand:

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Designed to withstand over 250lbs it is made of light weight military grade plastic, it is durable and just as effective in turf as sand and snow.

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The Toughstake is exceptionally strong and designed specifically for use in sand, snow and other loose surface.

Remember whenever you are going camping near sand, take a shade cloth and a dust pan and broom and your trip will be far more enjoyable (and clean). Good luck with keeping the sand out of your tent and Enjoy your camping Adventure!


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