Campmaid:The Dutch Oven Multi-Tool You Never Knew You Needed.

dutch oven lid and pot holder

As any camper knows, a Dutch oven is one of the primary items in your camping gear. The design has been the same for centuries and works great but for one problem, the lid.

The age-old problem of removing the heavy, hot lid with some tongs or a stick, trying not to get it too dirty while stirring your meal can be very aggravating. So when we recently stumbled on this awesome Campmaid dutch oven lid and pot holder, I simply had to have it.

Campmaid Dutch oven multi-use tool:

The idea was crowd funded and one can easily see why people loved it.

The Campmaid Dutch oven tool transforms your camping oven into a multi-functional oven that makes it perfect for any camping or hunting trip.

· Its “Grab-and-Hold” design makes removing the lid and keeping the it off the ground a breeze.

· It makes a perfect stand for the pot to serve your meal, while keeping the food hot when you add some coals on top of the lid.

· Add the charcoal holder and you have an adjustable heat source for your pot or turn it upside down and the lid becomes an excellent grill to cook your breakfast on in the morning.

Dutch oven smoker

· If you feel adventurous, you can easily turn it into a pizza oven.

· Add the stainless grill and you have a portable BBQ for when you go tailgating.

· Add some smoke chips and you have an instant smoker.

· You can even use the grill to steam vegetables at your campsite.

The stand folds into a very portable unit and it fits into any 12” size pot or larger with enough space left over for the accessories. The stand fits most Dutch oven sizes from 8” to 14” and weights only3 pounds.

Its hard not to get excited about this Campmaid hands-free lid holder if you have a camping oven and it really wants you to try some new cooking ideas when you are in the outdoors.

I truly agree with Campmaid when they say that it’s the biggest revolution in camp  oven cooking in 300 years.

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