Coleman SportCat Tent Heater Review

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The Coleman SportCat tent heater is the smallest model in their portable heater range. Its size makes it ideal for tents, shelters or even outdoor events when the mercury drops.

Design and Power

The Coleman SportCat uses a 16.4oz disposable propane tank that attaches directly to the heater. A stable base prevents it from being knocked over and an eyelet can be used to hang it or secure it better.
There are 2 models available one with Colemans Instastart technology (push-button piezo electric start) and one without, I prefer the Instastart model.
The tent heater is rated for 1500 BTU, which is adequate for an area of about 40sq ft. On the standard propane cylinder, you can expect about 14 hrs. of heating. This unit is designed for smaller areas so make sure it will be the right heater for your size.
A common trend with these heaters is a slight odor when you light it for the first time, this is just the factory oils that burn off and will be gone after 1 cylinder of use.

Coleman PerfecTemp Catalytic Technology-Flameless Heat

All Coleman’s tent heaters are catalytic heaters. Catalytic heaters use (in Coleman’s case) a platinum catalyst with which the propane and oxygen react with. The burning is a lower temperature and a lot cleaner. This makes it ideal for enclosed areas like a tent, boat, or shelter, with no carbon monoxide, and no open flames.


The heater is 9”x9”x9” and weighs 2.5 pounds.

Coleman SportCat Tent Heater Recommendations:

The quality and durability of the Coleman SportCat tent heater are high, but make sure you only need it for a small area. If in doubt I would look at some more powerful models on this chart. If you only need it for a small tent or shelter this might be for you.

coleman sportcat tent heater


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