Cool Camping with a Transcool Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

Transcool portable evaporative cooler

Whether you pitch your tent in the mountains, at the beach, or in your own backyard, camping is an adventurous pastime that adults and children enjoy year round. Although any time of year is ideal to venture into the great outdoors, you should always be a bit more prepared during your summer camping trips- especially if you want to keep cool.

If you are an avid camper (or even if you’re a novice), you know there is nothing more uncomfortable than trying to relax or sleep in a tent where the temperature is so hot you feel like you’re roasting in an oven; worse yet, waking up all sticky and sweaty because of the warm, stagnant air that surrounds you.

Right about now you’re probably nodding in agreement. You might even be thinking….I really should consider purchasing a cooling system before I head out for my next camping trip…but with so many choices available, how do you decide which one will best suit your needs and budget?

Beat the heat with a Transcool!

If your goal is to really enjoy your outdoor adventure and camp in cool comfort… the innovative portable Transcool EC3 is the one for you! This clever compact unit cools the air by transforming liquid water to water vapor (evaporation). Similar to the concept of an air conditioning unit, it offers many of the same benefits as refrigeration- but the Transcool is affordable and significantly more environmentally friendly- as it uses far less energy while providing hours of cooling comfort to its user.

Take a look at all the fantastic benefits this versatile evaporative air cooler offers:

* Compact & Light- 22 x 25 x 22cm & weighs 1.5 kilos dry

* Uses a dual 12volt or 24volt power source- plugs into a cigarette lighter, battery pack or outlet

* Environmentally friendly & energy efficient- low power draw; uses only .7amps on low to 1.7amps on high

* Adjustable vents – 360 degree rotating eyeballs make adjusting the direction of air flow a snap!

This lightweight camping accessory will effortlessly help you ‘beat the heat’ on your next camping trip, no matter how warm the temperatures get. Advertised as a ‘personal spot cooler’, it can be plugged into any 12volt or 24volt power source- producing a cool breeze that will effectively deliver continuous hours of relief with a range of up to 2-3 metres distance.

Users should be aware that the Transcool was not designed to cool down an entire room- as its capability is that of a cooling system- not an air conditioner. Air conditioners, of course, would require many more complex parts and expensive components than the Transcool offers, not to mention air conditioning units use an immense amount of power to operate.

pet air conditioner

The Transcool EC3’s optimal usage is ideal for tent camping, but you can also use this handy portable cooler cruising around on your boat, on a road trip in your RV or caravan, riding around in your car or truck and while working the farm in your tractor. Actually, if you have access to the necessary power source- the possibilities are endless. You can even use it to help keep your pet cool on a hot summer’s day!

Using the Transcool is easy and efficient

In addition to being such a lightweight, compact cooling system, the portable Transcool EC3 is so easy to use. Simply lift the screw top lid and fill the 1.8 liter tank with water, plug it in, select your fan speed and you are good to go!

How long will the 2 litre supply of water last? We’re glad you asked! Your water usage with this particular evaporating system will vary depending on both the fan speed you set and the ambient air temperature. Generally, under most conditions, the internal 2 litre supply will last all night on low speed- which is more than adequate to supply you with cool air while you sleep.

The Transcool also comes equipped with an external 5 litre tank featuring an ON/OFF tap that easily connects to the unit via a hose. This external tank, filled with water, allows the user continuous cooling for approximately 24 hours. Smartly designed, the EC3 also allows you to add ice; which will increase the coolness up to 50% of ambient air temperature. One of the more appealing aspects to owning this versatile cooling system is that if you happen to run out of water, no damage will occur to the unit because it will continue to operate and function as a fan even if the tank is empty.

If I use a battery, how long will it last? Great question! Because the Transcool only uses a maximum of 1.7amps when operated by a 12volt or 24volt power source such as a cigarette lighter or power outlet located at a campsite, it can cool for hours.

However, if you plan on running the Transcool for an extended period of time (typically longer than 24 hours) a deep cycle battery or battery power pack is recommended. For instance, if you use a 12v100Ah Deep Cycle LiFePo4 Battery you can continually cool on low speed for approximately 157 hours and about 59 hours when using high speed. If using a 12volt 60ah Lead acid car battery, 42 hours on low speed and 10 hours on high speed. It will be important to take note that being mindful of running your Transcool EC3 until battery voltage is reduced to 12 volts – will ensure reliable vehicle startup!

The Transcool comes with everything you need!

Transcool EC3 was designed by an inventive Australian and the unit is constructed using local and imported components. Built to last, the Transcool is made from a strong and durable seamless ABS plastic molding that ensures the cooling system never leaks.

Features and specifications:

* Moisture-proof electric fans with 70,000+ hours life span capable of moving over 6.89m3/min (240 CFM) of air at a velocity of over 10.83 m/s (2187 ft/m); producing a noise level similar to your average car air conditioner

* Durable Evaporative filters with increased air velocity & life span (500+ hours*

* Directional air vents with adequate ventilation to prevent condensation

* Variable speed fan with settings from low to high

* Low battery voltage cutout protection

* 3 metre power lead with cigarette lighter socket

* Easy fill screw cap lid with overfill protection

* Solar power capabilities

* FREE 5 Litre external water tank with hose

* FREE 240VAC to 12VDC Converter –for home use in a 240v power point

The Transcool EC3 Evaporative air cooler comes with everything you need to stay cool during every camping trip you take. And yet, the manufactures of this cooling system know that accidents can (and do happen). So, if for any reason you need to replace a hose, air vent knob, screw-top lid, etc …rest assured, spare parts are available for your system.

Transcool swamp cooler
Transcool portable cooler
More good news- the Transcool EC3 comes with a warranty:

Transcool warrants 24 months from date of purchase any EC3-F that does not perform correctly due to defects caused by faulty workmanship or materials. Our obligation assumed under this warranty is to the repair or replacement of the parts, without charge, which are defective and have not been misused, carelessly handled or defaced by repairs made or attempted by others. Consequential damages due to this product are not covered. Warranty excludes air filter and external water tank”.

You just can’t beat a Transcool

When compared with other similar models of portable cooling systems, the Transcool confidently surpasses its American-made counterparts in both design and function.

* American made units are typically constructed using a cheaper technique of gluing flat pieces of plastic together to form a ‘watertight’ container; whereas, the Transcool EC3 is manufactured using a more expensive durable ABS plastic, injection moulding to form a strong and seamless watertight container.

* American units are also prone to corrosion because of their openly exposed fan speed switch. Transcool EC3 incurs minimal (if any) corrosion due to its design of a moisture proof electrical enclosure.

* Water is easily added to the Transcool EC3 unit through a flip top lid; whereas the flap’ style side fill lid in the American unit makes it awkward to fill. It also tends to cause an annoying rattle when mobile on a bumpy terrain.

* Damage due to overfilling the Transcool EC3 unit is non-existent because of its ‘drain off design.’ It also features water baffling that enables the unit to be used in moving vehicles.

* The filters used in the Transcool EC3 are extremely effective and have a life expectancy that is double than that of their US counterparts.

Overall, you just can’t beat the heat with a more efficient compact portable evaporative air cooler than the Transcool EC3. This amazing personal cooling system will not only make your next camping experience a cool and comfortable one, it will ensure you look forward to all the great adventures that are yet to come!

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