Ghillie Kettle: The Best Camping Kettle

ghillie kettle

Whats is a Ghillie Kettle:

The Ghillie Kettle is a lightweight, portable, and super durable camping kettle for boiling water outdoors using twigs, grass, pine cones,  and other small combustible materials; It was conceived in the United Kingdom in 1928, also known as a Volcano kettle ,these kettles consist of a water jacket surrounding a fire chamber which creates an upward chimney draft ensuring efficient and rapid boiling even in windy or wet weather. Taking between 3 - 5 minutes to boil your water, they are also quick compared to other kettles. This kettle is great for the avid camper, the top reason being, it will boil in any weather condition.

Ghielly Kettle
The Ghillie kettle is made from hard, anodized aluminum, which is lightweight and super durable. The anodization process means that it has a scratch-resistant, non-stick coating making it easier to clean, quicker to boil, and easier to cook with. Hard anodizing is a process that seals the aluminum so that it is no longer prone to rust or scratching. The coating forms a layer that is two to four times stronger than stainless steel and closer to titanium in strength. This material is safe to cook with and non-toxic.
The closest competitor to the Ghillie Kettle is the Kelly Kettle. The Kelly Kettle is Irish made and though both are similar in design, the built-in whistle is the unique feature that sets the Ghillie Kettle apart.

Both kettles are extremely well made. Both Kettles feature a small stove area at the bottom of the kettle that is filled with fuel (twigs etc, collected from the campsite), with the heat from that fire starting to boil the water inside the kettle. The Ghillie kettle, being made of anodized aluminum is lighter than stainless steel and corrosion-resistant, whilst the Kelly Kettle you can choose between stainless steel or aluminum. The Stainless steel option is heavier and more durable.
Size and Weight

Ghillie Kettle Range:
Adventurer - Holds up to 1.42 liters (approx 4 mugs)
Height - 34cms / 13in
Width - 18.5cm / 7.3in
Weight - 0.9kg / 2.0lbs

Explorer - Holds up to 1.0 liters (3 cups)
Height - 28cms / 11in
Width - 18.5cms / 7.3in (at widest point)
Weight - 0.8kg / 1.8lbs

Maverick - Holds up to 0.5 liters (2 mugs)
Height - 27cms / 10.6in
Width - 14cms / 5.5in
Weight - 0.5kg / 1.0lbs

Here is a look of the range:

Kelly Kettle Range

Base Camp (largest kettle)

Holds up to 1.6 liters (5 mugs)        

Height - 34cms / 13in        

Diameter - 18.5cm / 7.3in      

 Weight - 0.8kg / 1.8lbs

Scout (medium-sized kettle)

Holds 1.2 liters (3.5 mugs)        

Height - 28cms / 11in        

Diameter - 18.5cms / 7.3in       

Weight - 0.7kg / 1.5lbs

Trekker (small-sized kettle)

Holds 0.6 liter (2 mugs)        

Height - 27cms / 10.6in        

Diameter - 14cm / 5.5in (thin design)  

Weight - 0.54kg / 1.0lbs

Carry Bags and Accessories:

Both bags will hold all accessories you receive as the set, however, if you are planning on hiking the Ghillie kettle comes with a drawstring sack that can convert to a backpack, whilst the Kelly kettle has a single drawstring. This could make your mind up.
Another plus for the Ghillie Kettle is it comes with the option of a triangular pot, for cooking on uneven ground. You can purchase handle grippers, grills, anodized pots, and pans to make your camping experience more durable for many years to come.
The Kelly Kettles have set options. The stainless steel cooking set has a grill, pot, lid, and handle. Also available to purchase are hobo stoves, pot supports, metal plates, and stacking mugs with lip protectors.
They are a fun kettle to use, the kids love it and it is pleasurable to stand dropping sticks into the top and watching it burn. We like the option of the Ghillie Kettle which has the bonus of the whistle, so when your water is boiled, you will know it. However, both are extremely well made and it comes down to personal preference.

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