GoCool Portable Air Conditioner

tent air conditioner

The GoCool is a portable air conditioner using ice and water, this unit cools, dehumidifies and filters the air of virtually any enclosed space. It makes it ideal as a tent air conditioner or for cooling your boat or plane. Designed from the ground up for portability, ease of use and years of reliable service.
The GoCool is a 12V AC or DC unit, which works by pumping ice water from the tank through a coil and returned back to the tank. 

Air is pulled through the coil where it is cooled and then vented out.
The tank holds 42 lbs of bagged ice. It can hold more ice if it is block ice.
Bagged ice, block ice, or gel packs are recommended for best results.
“Hard” frozen ice is kept at 20F, and It is the ice found in most grocery stores and works best. Ice from self-service ice machines also called “soft” frozen ice can range from wet to slushy and can greatly reduce cooling time.

The GoCool is also designed to hold 4 one-gallon jugs of ice or 9 two-liter bottles of ice, if you want to freeze your own.

The temperature can be set between 64F and 82F and it was designed to cool a space 8’x8’x8’.
Cooling time depends on the size of the space you are trying to cool, whether the space starts out cool or hot, and how much ice you use. Sleeper cab trucks starting out cool may be cooled 8 or more hours. Two man tents, at night, may be cooled 6-7 hours perfect for a good night sleep in the tropics.

The only problem with this portable air conditioner is like all others that work on this principle is that you need a constant supply of ice but unlike swamp coolers (evaporative cooler) it does not humidify the air.

Here is a video that shows it in action:

If you do not like the Arctic Air portable air conditioner,the Zen Cooler or not interested in making your own DIY tent air conditioner the GoCool is a good alternative.


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