IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner:The Perfect Camping Cooler

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The Icybreeze portable air-conditioner and cooler is a serious contender for the world’s best cooler. Unlike other portable air-conditioners like the GoCool or ArticAir, the IcyBreeze doubles as a high-quality cooler. Only ice and 2 quarts water is needed for the cooler to work, which makes it the perfect tent air conditioner, or even for your boat, aircraft or any outdoor event.

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How does the IcyBreeze Work?

There are many DIY projects on the Internet that show how to transform a cooler into an air conditioner and the principle is the same.

Cold water is drawn from the bottom of the unit through a heat exchanger that is inside the lid of the cooler. Fresh air is pulled through hidden vents and then ducted through the heat exchanger, cooled, and the cooled air is then expelled through a vent or through the stay put flexi hose.

The unit has three speed settings, with the highest setting reaching around 25mph, which is comparable to you car’s air conditioner.

The cooler is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery and on the low setting will provide 6hrs of cold air, 4hrs on medium and around 2.5hrs on the high setting and will take 5hrs to recharge. It is also possible to run the cooler continuously on a 12v car charger or a 110/220 wall adaptor.

The Icebreeze will cool the air around 35 deg cooler than ambient air.

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The Cooler

The cooler is made from rugged polyethylene construction with 36QT interior space (49 cans) and holds 30lbs of ice. Its got dual lift handles and a pull handle with large wheels for easy rolling. The lid also has 2 cup holders.

When air conditioning is not used the manufacturer claims the ice will last up to 7 days in up to 90deg heat.

The dimensions are:

Interior Dimensions: L-18.5 W-11.25 D-11

Exterior dimensions: L-23.5 W-16.25 H-18.5

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Here is a video that explains the cooler nicely.

The IceBreeze is a brilliant cooler and costs around the same price as any of the other high-end coolers. The only downside of the cooler is the continuous supply of ice, if you are camping with the air conditioning function on, the ice won’t last more than a day.

The cooler has a 1-year warranty and the battery 90 days.

It outperforms the other portable air conditioners at a better price and definitely worth a second look if you are shopping for a camping cooler or a portable air conditioner.


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