KoolerAire Portable Air Conditioner

KoolerAire portable air conditioner

The KoolerAire Portable Air Conditionerir?t=pilo0d 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B002IV9OS8 KoolerAire portable air conditioner is a unit designed to fit inside an ice filled cooler. Hot air is forced through the ice, cooled and then discharged to cool your tent, boat or truck. The air conditioner runs on 12V so you can use a power pack, car battery, cigarette lighter to run it or with a converter it can use 110V/240V.

Air conditioner efficiency

The manufacturer claims the unit will cool ambient air to around 50deg, depending on outside temperature. In-house testing from the manufacturer claims with an outside temperature of 79 deg and 1 ½ bags of ice the air will be cooled to 48 deg.
The bigger the blocks of ice used, the more effective the air conditioner will be. 2L frozen soda bottles can be used in the cooler to save on ice. For maximum effectiveness large blocks of ice mixed with smaller ones works best. The life expectancy of the ice obviously depends on outside air temperature.

The brushless fan moves 100cfm of air and uses 0.39 amps so you can expect about 27 hours on a portable power pack.
KoolerAire is made specifically for the KoolerAire Foam Coolers, Igloo’s 25 quart Marine Coolers or the Coleman 28 quart Ice Basket.

KoolerAire Portable Air Conditioner Review

Like all other portable air conditioners of this kind, the availability of ice is a problem. A constant supply of is needed to work and this can be a problem.
This unit is a lot cheaper than other product in its class, but at the same time its overall review is also less stellar than some other units. If you are going camping and don’t want to spend a lot of money or time to cool your tent give it a go, but don’t expect to wear a jumper when you go to bed.

KoolerAire portable air conditioner


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