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The Mr. Heater Big Buddy ir?t=pilo0d 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0002WRHE8 Mr.Heater Big Buddytent heater is the flagship of the Mr. Heater portable heater range and is powerful enough for the biggest of family tents. This tent heater is the best seller in its class and with its compact and quality design, one can see why.

Mr.Heater Big Buddy Power

The Mr. Heater Big Buddy has 3 power settings, 4000 BTU, 9000 BTU, and 18000 BTU and the manufacturer recommends keeping it at one of those settings although it is possible to set it in-between. It’s low setting (4000 BTU) is the same as the Mr Heater Buddy max output, so it is a very versatile unit and is designed to comfortably heat an area of 400 sq. ft.

The Big Buddy runs on dual 16.4oz propane bottles that are nicely tucked away. The regulators swing out so it is easy to screw the canisters in. you can expect 3hr on the high setting and up to 12 hr on the low setting. You can also hook it up to a 20 lb gas tank and on dual 20 lb tanks, you look at over 220 hr of heat!
If you use the 20 lb tank you can get the quick release hoseir?t=pilo0d 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000UC7966 Mr.Heater Big Buddy(no filter needed) or the standard hose (filterir?t=pilo0d 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000HE8P2O Mr.Heater Big Buddy needed).

A build-in fan greatly increases the tent heater’s efficiency and it can run on either 4 D cells or AC power (if available).
A piezo electric starter is built in so no open flame needed to start the unit.

Tent Heater Safety Features:

The Mr.Heater Big Buddy has the same safety features as the portable one:
Pilot Light Extinguish: If the pilot light goes out the heater shuts off.
Low Oxygen sensor: This feature by itself is a deal maker. Should the sensor detect a decrease in oxygen levels it will shut the heater off before it gets to dangerously low levels. This makes it ideal for camping in a tent or for that matter any enclosed space. Even with this feature, I would get a carbon monoxide sensor if I were using it in a tent.
Accidental Tip-over: Should the unit be tipped over it will shut-off automatically.


At 17”x10”x17.5” it is bigger than the Portable Buddy but pumps out almost 4x more heat and it weighs 15 pounds.

If you are in need of a tent heater for a big tent the Mr.Heater Big Buddy will cover your needs. With the build-in fan and high power setting, any tent will be heated to your liking.

Mr.Heater Big Buddy Tent Heater


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