Mr.Heater Little Buddy Tent Heater Review

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The Mr. Heater Little Buddy tent heater is the smallest heater in the Mr.Heater range but it still packs a powerful punch.

Little Buddy Design and Power

The Little buddy uses the standard 16.4oz disposable propane cylinder that sits in an 8” stand to secure it. The head of the unit sits at a 45deg angle to ensure the most efficient heating and has an easy to carry handle molded into the head. The Little Buddy is rated at a powerful 3800 BTU, which is quite a lot for a unit of this size. This power output comes at a price, you can only expect around 5.5 hours out of the standard cylinder. The heater is rated to heat an area of up to 100 sqft easily but if your tent is bigger there are some better units to look at.

Little Buddy Safety Features:

The Mr. Heater Little Buddy has the same great safety features as its bigger cousins:

Pilot Light Extinguish: If the pilot light goes out the heater shuts off.

Low Oxygen sensor: This feature by itself is a deal maker. Should the sensor detect a decrease in oxygen levels it will shut the heater off before it gets to dangerously low levels. This makes it ideal for camping in a tent or for that matter any enclosed space. Even with this feature, I would get a carbon monoxide sensor if I were using it in a tent. Mr.Heater and common sense tell you to also have a bit of ventilation in your tent. Accidental Tip-over: Should the unit be tipped over it will shut-off automatically. Although the base is 8” this unit can tip over but the tip over valve is very sensitive.

Little Buddy Dimensions:

The unit measurements are 12”x10.5”x10.5 and it weighs 6.2lbs

Mr.Heater Little Buddy Tent Heater Recommendations:

The Mr.Heater Little Buddy tent heater is a quality unit. Its compact design and powerful output make it popular, but the relatively short endurance and only the one power setting makes it my second choice for a tent heater.

Have a look at these tent heaters if you are not so sure what your needs are.

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