Mr Heater Portable Buddy Tent Heater Review

Tent Heater

The Mr. Heater Portable Buddyir?t=pilo0d 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B002G51BZU mr heater portable buddy is a high quality heater perfect as a tent heater. The heater was designed with the outdoors in mind and is a good companion for boating, camping, fishing or emergency heating.

Tent Heater Power

With a power output of 4000-9000 BTU’s it will comfortable heat up a area of op to 200 sq ft, so a family size tent can be kept nice and toasty when the mercury drops. Like most tent heaters it uses a standard 1lb bottle but the option of a extension house and 20lb tank is available. Using the disposable 1 lb. bottle you will get about 4-5 hours of heating. The high power setting pumps out a lot of heat and I found by using it to only heat up the tent and then switching to the low setting after 15 min I get even more out of the propane cylinder.

Tent Heater Safety Features:

What really sets this tent heater apart from other portable heaters is the build in safety features.
Pilot Light Extinguish: If the pilot light goes out the heater shuts off.
Low Oxygen sensor: This feature by itself is a deal maker. Should the sensor detect a decrease in oxygen levels it will shut the heater off before it gets to dangerously low levels. This makes it ideal for camping in a tent or for that matter any enclosed space.
Accidental Tip-over: Should the unit be tipped over it will shut-off automatically.

Specs and dimensions

At 9.5 lb and 9x14x14 the unit is fairly small but probably to big if you are backpacking (for that there is the Mr Heater Light Buddy). Its got a build in start so no open flames are needed and it comes with a 1 year warranty.

This is my personal heater which I bought after a lot of research and I have been very happy with the purchase and can honestly recommend this heater if you are looking for a portable tent heater.

Tent Heater

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