Review of the Companion mini rechargeble evaporative tent air conditioner

companion tent air conditioner

The Companion  mini tent air conditioner.

This unit is probably the best tent air conditioner on the market. There are few consumer products for this niche and the few that are there performs pretty poor or are big and bulky. Companion has been manufacturing camping gear for a long time and has a long list of quality products.

The mini rechargeable air cooler is a lightweight, ultra compact unit (2.25kg) that is perfect for camping. Its runs off a 6v DC rechargeable battery, which will give you 6 hours of run time. It’s got a cooling and fan option (fan only extends the battery life) and it can be fully recharged in 8 hours. A touch panel controls the unit and it also has a convenient LED light for nighttime location or controlling. Adjustable airflow is also a great feature of this tent cooler.

Water capacity is 800ml and the dimension are 150L x 175D x 350Hmm.

The Companion tent air conditioner will not cool a 10-man tent to chilling conditions but that is not what it is designed for. To cool a small tent and take the edge from the midday heat or keep the tent cool for a little sleep-in, this unit works great.

The downside of this cooler is, like all evaporative coolers, is that they are less effective in humid areas and the longer they pump cool humid air into the tent the less effective it gets.

Have a look at this video from Companion:

All said and done this is probably the best consumer products for tent air conditioning. The next level of cooling will involve portable coolers or ac unit that needs a power source.


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