The 5 Best Inflatable Tents(Air Tents) Reviewed

inflatable tent
Inflatable tents, otherwise known as air tents, differ from normal pole tents in that the tent poles are replaced by air tubes or beams. Air tubes are flexible, making them stronger in strong winds. This also allows for a faster, simpler tent to pitch, yet still with strong, upright walls. Air tents were first developed in the 1930s, since that time, modern technology has made them more durable, reliable, and more popular. The brilliant aspect of air tents is that they are designed to withstand a full range of weather conditions. Inflatable tents are the no-fuss, less worry, no pole & no experience required option.

Here are out top picks for Inflatable Tents:


best inflatable tent


The Vango Odyssey Air 500 is an extremely durable tent that is also simple and quick to pitch. It sleeps 5 people comfortably and has 2 bedrooms plus a main room. The only downside to this tent, like most inflatable tents, is that this one is on the heavier side.


5 person tent
Weight: 15.9kg
Material:Protex 70 denier (4,000HH) waterproof fire retardant flysheet
Floor size: 14.88m2
Peak Height: 195cm

The Vango patented TBS 11 tension band system ensures the tent performs to adverse weather conditions. Especially, strong changeable winds.
The Vango odyssey provides high and low-level ventilation panels that combine to provide a comfortable flow of air throughout the tent.
The flysheet is made of extremely durable material, and the seams are fully taped keeping it warmer on the inside.
Lights out Inner Tent - The Inner tent is made of a darker fabric, reducing the amount of early morning light.
It comes with a full mesh front door and, linked-in PE groundsheet in the living area. The mesh doors are a plus as they allow for breathability.
Also included are large diamond clear PVC windows, including roll-up privacy curtains.
We also like the Vango odyssey as it has stand-up height.


  • Stand-up Height
  • Ventilation
  • Sturdy


  • Heavy
  • Expensive


best air tent

Easy camp Hurricane 500 inflatable Tunnel tent

This one is a great option as it has inflatable beams. There are three beams with separate valves so it can be set up quickly and with ease, by one person. The beams create loops so this is a tunnel-style tent. This tent is a 3 room structure with a inner tent, and a removable divider, it has 2 sleeping spaces of a different size, each of them with an inner door, and one large front room, close to 5m2. It has 3 separate windows in the living room plus windows on the doors, making for good ventilation. It has a fully sewn-in and sealed floor. It comes with 2 doors in the front room, one on the front and one on the side. The windows are made from clear PVC.


Floor Area: 10.8m2
Area per person: 2.1m2
Sleep: 5
Weight: 15.8kg
Dimensions: 410 x 310cm
Inner peak height: 190cm
Packed Size: 75 x 41cm


  • Multiple windows and doors
  • High waterproof rating
  • Great price


  • On the heavier side


inflatable tent

Coleman Weathermaster XL Air

This inflatable tent is best for family camping trips, as it sleeps 4-8 people comfortably and has 2-4 bedrooms. It is spacious, quick and easy to put up and well ventilated.


Material: Polyester
Sleep: 4-8
Bedrooms: 2-4
Weight: 44.4kg
Total space: 32m2

The Coleman Weathermaster is the best air tent on the market for a family. There is an included pump, which is a plus as the air poles need pumping up to 7psi. The air poles are individual hoops that hold the tunnel of the tent open. Because of these air poles, however, it can be pitched by just one person, which is a major plus. It comes in a wheeled carry bag for easy portability, and it is fully weatherproofed. The bedrooms are all blackout treated and there is plenty of headroom. The ventilation is superb and it also has a large porch. As large as it is, this tent is very manageable due to the air poles. The Coleman Weathermaster is a fantastic option for large families, longer trips, or if you value proper indoor seating.


  • Great for families
  • Great Ventilation
  • Blacked out material


  • Very Heavy


inflatable tent review

Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent

The Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent is a tunnel-style structure including three inflatable beams, it is easy for one person to erect and a manual pump is included. This tent is a great option, suitable as a 3-season family camping air tent.
The Ferrino Flow has inflatable beams instead of poles and can be erected and ready in just a few minutes. This is a tall tent, you have 180cm at the peak height, ample headroom for even tall people.  There is an inner tent within the shell tent. The inner tent can be removed and you can use the shell tent as a single-room tent. There are 2 sleeping rooms with a removable divider between them. Each one has a door, which is also an added advantage. So this tent can have 1, 2 or 3 rooms to use which is a great benefit. The inner tent can remain attached at all times, you can keep it there when you pack the tent. This structure allows for a dry setup, which means you can inflate the beams even if it is raining, and the inner area will remain dry. The shell of this tent is a durable 70D polyester Diamond, it is coated with thermal-insulated aluminized polyurethane that gives it a 2000mm waterproof rating, quite impressive. The inner tent is a water-repellent, breathable polyester material and is waterproof to 2500mm. All seams are taped as an added bonus. A repair kit and a large Supertex stuff sack are also included, along with the necessary items being the steel pegs, a manual pump, and the multipoint guyline system to secure the tent. This is officially a 4 person tent, however, it is a large tent and could accommodate more than 4 people.

It is not a free-standing tent, so you have to stake it down properly. This can be done before inflating the beams. Again this is a heavy tent, weighing in at 13kg, however, with this tent's floor area and size, the weight is justified.

The Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent is a reliable tent with full protection for 3-season use. 


Dimensions: 420 x 260cm
Total Inner Area: 10.9m2
Weight: 13kg
Sleep: 4
Rooms: 3
Packed Size: 75 x 35 x 35cm


  • High waterproof rating
  • 1, 2 or 3 room setup
  • Great for tall persons


  • Not free standing


air tent

Robens Aero Yurt 8 Man Airventure Air Tent

The Robens Aero Yurt uses an ingenious design in that all 8 beams can be inflated through one single valve. It is a very tall poly-cotton breathable 4-season structure with 8 air beams.

The Robens Aero Yurt 8 Tent is a quality product that is quite unique, due to its octagonal structure and 8 thick air beams that all converge to the top point. As stated, you can inflate all beams through one single valve. It is 270cm tall in the middle and 185cm close to the sidewalls, so you can stand in all areas of this tent/yurt. This is a modern tent with all the features needed for full protection from the elements. The floor is fully sewn-in, and the door is with a panel and with a mesh. This is a one-room tent with a generous amount of space for 8 people. The polycotton fabric that is used is breathable, however, gives more insulation than synthetic material which is one of the reasons why it is described as a 4-season tent. This air tent is tested for winds up to 95km/h. The fabric used is a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, which is called a ripstop material.  Polyester reduces the weight as it is much lighter than cotton, and polyester also adds strength and durability. This tent boasts three openings with mesh, it also has 3 long floor vents, so ventilation is more than ample. It is a great size, has solid windows, a great floor rating, and uses top-quality materials.

This is a heavy air tent, all insulated tents on this list are heavy, however, this one is on the heaviest due  to the material used. This tent does not come with any storage pouches and lastly, this tent is very expensive. I will say though, it has many advantages and is a quality product. There are few tents on the market with ripstop polycotton fabric and a huge waterproof rating.


Capacity: 8 person
Weight: 31.4kg
Dimensions: 450 x 450cm
Area: 16.8m2
Area per person: 2.1m2
Peak Height: 270cm
Packed size: 108 x 46cm


  • Great Height
  • Quality materials used
  • Unique Design
  • Condensation free interior lining
  • All material used is fire resistant
  • Steep walls & high ceiling make for extra interior space


  • Very Heavy
  • No carry bag

What to look for when purchasing an Inflatable Tent

Air tents have come a long way in recent years. The best inflatable tents on the market today are super easy to pitch and practically puncture-proof. They are incredibly durable and reliable. They are not only low hassle and quick to pitch, but you also avoid the pole-related issues you have when erecting a pole tent. Pole's can break, bend and rust.

Ventilation is key. Ventilation is not so much of an issue with traditional tents, however air tents are a little more restrictive, so when purchasing your inflatable tent, it is a good idea to make sure the tent has a suitable air vent to allow enough airflow through the tent, especially if its going to be a hot weather tent

Inflatable tents tend to be on the heavier side. So, it's a good idea to take into consideration the weight of the tent before you purchase it.  There are however an increasing amount of backpacking options, as the lack of aluminum or fiberglass poles appeals to this weight-conscious group.

When choosing the right inflatable tent for you and your family, there are the same considerations that come with buying a pole tent. How much money you are willing to spend, how many people does it sleep, can you stand up inside, whether it has mosquito netting or how many windows it has, for example?

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