The 7 Best Stargazing Tents

best stargazing tent

There is nothing better than lying in your tent in the wilderness, whilst being able to gaze at a stunning light show of stars. Here are the best tents for stargazing and being able to view the cosmos.


inflatable bubble stargazing tent

Outdoor Inflatable Bubble Tent

This tent is very different from the other Stargazing tents on our list. It is not your typical camping tent. It is a bubble inflatable tent made of a weatherproof, durable, and transparent material, which will give you a full 360-degree view of the cosmos. A perfect stargazing tent if you are willing to spend the money, and are not backpacking. It is best used at a powered campsite or as a backyard tent, as the air pump needs to be plugged in at all times.


Material        0.8mm PVC
Occupancy    2 person
Shape        Bubble


  • Transparent with 360-deg views
  • Even heat distribution
  • Air pump included
  • Able to withstand strong winds (up to 31miles/hr) or snow


  • Expensive
  • Heavy and awkward to carry
  • Needs power to blow the bubble tent up


stargazing tent

Kelty Dirt Motel Tent

The Kelty Dirt Motel two-person tent is a superb tent for stargazing for many reasons. First of all, it is made almost entirely of mesh with almost no obstructions, the poles are slim and do not restrict the skyward view. The walls being made of mesh, keep it well ventilated. This tent is very popular with backpackers as it is lightweight, very easy to set up, and a quality build that will last. This tent also comes with a rainfly, which is roll back and can clip halfway. It is extremely well made and strong, all seams are tape sealed for further weather protection.  A great choice for a sturdy, freestanding two-person stargazing tent or hot weather tent.

Weight                  4.85 pounds
Total Floor           28 sq.ft.
Measurement        84" x 50" (at widest point)
Height                     7 inches
Length                    18 inches
2 vestibules        protect 18 sq. ft.
Outer Material    Nylon / Mesh
Features            Rain-cover, water-resistant, portable,
                Lightweight, Accessory pockets


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Color-coded poles
  • Quality built
  • Large vestibule size
  • Made mostly of mesh
  • Rollback stargazer fly
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Not the roomiest tent @ 28 sq. ft.


tents for stargazing

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Tent

The MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-person tent is expensive for this size of a tent. On saying this, this dome-style tent is built to withstand almost any weather condition, is a quality-made tent and, is lightweight. This tent has two large vestibules, two doors, and is a good size for accomodating two large adults. As a stargazing tent, the Hubba Hubba is also outstanding made almost entirely of see-through mesh. If money is not an issue, and you are looking for a two-person stargazing tent, this tent is highly recommended.


Occupancy    2 person
Height        8 inches
Length        21 inches
Weight        4.7 pounds
Width        7 inches
Material        Nylon
Included        Tent, poles, Stakes & guylines, Compression stuff sack,             Rainfly
Dimensions    0.03 x 0.03 x 0.03 cm ; 4.54 grams


  • Roomy for a two-person tent
  • Lightweight 3lbs 7oz, 2lbs without rainfly
  • Two spacious vestibules
  • small packing size
  • Wide mesh top


  • Expensive
  • Not the easiest to set up
  • Footprints must be purchased separately


stargazing tent

Core Equipment Core Four-Person Instant Dome Tent

If you have more than yourself and one other wanting to look at the stars, ease of set up is of major importance, and would like your tent to be ultra-lightweight then the Core Equipment Four-Person Instant Dome Tent is a great option.


Occupancy    Four-person
Fabric type    100% polyester
Closure type    zipper
Weight        12.1 pounds
Pole material    steel


  • Instant 30-second setup
  • Waterproof
  • Large mesh windows


  • The door zipper needs care, can get stuck
  • Not made for cold weather


stargazing tent

Coleman Sundome Four-Person Tent

The Coleman Sundome tent is well priced, and easily sleeps, two adults and two children. This stargazing tent makes our list easily with two large mesh windows, it does not comprise of as much viewing potential as other full mesh four-person tents, however, it is a fraction of the cost of most four-person stargazing tents. It has a 600mm hydrostatic head rating, which is enough to cover light rain, pretty much expected for its price. If you are on a budget, need the room and a suggested stargazing tent, consider the Coleman Sundome. Included with the tent ate the rainfly, tent stakes, and carry bag


Occupancy    Four-person
Fabric type    Polyester
Item weight    9.8 pounds
Pole material    Fiberglass
Shape        Dome
Floor area    63
Closure Type    Zipper


  • Incredibly Inexpensive
  • Very Spacious in floor space and headspace
  • Weatherproof
  • Simple to set up, 10 minutes
  • Effective, water-resistant groundsheet


  • Poles are not the strongest
  • No vestibule
  • Flysheet not as user friendly as others
  • Stargazing limited to two large windows and a large single front door


large stargazing tent

Core Nine Person Instant Cabin Tent

Best Stargazing Tent for the Family

If you are looking for a spacious Stargazing tent for the whole family, then we suggest the Core 9-person Instant Cabin tent. If you have children, a major plus is it has room dividers. The tent features electrical-cord connections, so you will be able to charge your electronics and the interior mesh panel walls are also removable, to create open-living if you prefer. The tent also has Core H20 block technology,which helps  to prevent condensation and humidity from penetrating the tent
Occupancy    9-person
Closure Type    Zipper
Item Weight    27.62 pounds
Max. Height    78 inches
Material        Polyester
Set-up        60 seconds


  • The size
  • Can charge your electronics
  • Rainfly is included
  • Large enough to house two queen size mattresses
  • Canopy is removable allowing full view of the stars


  • Expensive
  • The stakes are not the most sturdy
  • The seams are not sealed, so it is not the strongest/best quality tent

What is a stargazing Tent?

What is a stargazing tent you may ask? Well, this is pretty simple, as the name suggests, it is a tent that best allows you to view the night sky and stars. What makes one tent better for stargazing than another. This is simple, the tent which has the best viewing capacity. More mesh, especially on the roof section of the tent and, more windows.

The 7 Key Factors that makeup the best stargazing Tent

See-through material
This is an extremely important factor for being able to gaze at the night sky and stargazing. Having your tent made solely of mesh is the optimum option, a mesh see-through roof, and huge mesh windows are the next best as a must. Any tent that uses more mesh is best as "mesh" is the most widely used see-through material for tents.
The other material used in the Air blower inflatable Bubble tent is PVC plastic.

No or minimal Obstruction
The style of the tent also comes into play with having a better view. A tent with fewer obstructions, for example, fewer poles, and made almost completely of mesh is usually a dome or tunnel-style tent. For these reasons, these styles of the tent are most popular for stargazing.

Windows Windows Windows
Any tent with large mesh windows or contains more mesh than material will be better as a stargazing tent to catch the largest view of the night sky.

Protection from the Elements
Even though we are all aware that we will only be stargazing in clear weather, the best stargazing tents as previously stated are those with fewer obstructions and have more mesh, which is see-through. You do however need solid water resistance for those times when the weather turns ugly. For this reason, a double-walled tent, consisting of the tent body (made mostly of mesh) and a rainfly is the way to go.

Easy to Set Up
Not all tents are easy to set up, some take forever and are an absolute nightmare. They can be so frustrating, not to mention complicated to erect. This is why purchasing a tent that is easier to set-up is a big contender,  as well as a nicer start to your camping trip and easier on your relationship! We own two styles of tents. One has color-coded poles and clips, which makes it fairly simple to set up. The other has ABC-coded poles and clips. Either of these options helps with simplicity.
Pop-up tents are even easier to set up, however, this style of tent tends to be less weather resistant. So if you are going to purchase a pop-up tent, make sure you do a large amount of homework on the tent.

Size and weight of Tent
Whether you are going on a camping trip for stargazing, backpacking, or heading out with the family for a set campsite retreat, the size and weight of the tent you buy will always be a factor. On that being said, in most cases the bigger the tent is the more it will weigh. When looking for a stargazing tent be aware of the material it is made of. Tents made of more mesh and a rainfly are lighter. The largest denominator of weight comes in with the number of poles the tent uses. The more poles, the heavier it will be to carry.

Buying a tent that comes with a rainfly is the best feature to look for when considering durability. This is a weatherproofing finish and will prevent water from getting into your tent.  Choosing a PU material that is sturdy will also help if it rains. The seams of the tent being sealed are a feature highly recommended to prevent water coming in from the ground around or below the tent. The last feature highly recommended with durability is purchasing a tent with a solid groundsheet. Ideally, a "bathtub style" design of groundsheet, one that is of a fair height off the ground, is the ultimate. This style offers protection from the wind, wet ground, condensation and limits the chances of bugs getting into your tent.

Final Thoughts:

Finding the right Stargazing tent will be different for each person, taking into consideration such variables as the group size, expense willing to spend, the type of camping desired (backpacking or campsite). A few considerations are in common for most, a stargazing tent should boast a material that lends itself to the most viewing access possible. All the tents on our list are either mostly made of mesh or transparent PVC, both see-through materials. The tent should also be made to offer solid weather resistance.

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