Top 5 Best Portable Camping Shower Reviews for 2023

best portable shower

When planning a camping trip, you will most likely make a list of the essential items you will need for your trip out into the wilderness. Among those items, you will also probably include a few comfort items as well as items for cleanliness and hygiene. So, imagine a nice shower at the end of a hike with hot water and a shower head? A portable camping shower is a convenient solution for bathing when you are out in the wilderness and faced with no running water or modern conveniences like a shower.

A nice shower after a long day of hiking will certainly be a good way to refresh and revitalize as you get ready for another day of fun and camping games. Before choosing a portable camp shower, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You will need to have a source of water readily available to you near to the campsite you will be residing at.

Keep in mind also that the water will be cool and if you want a warm or hot shower, then you will need to consider purchasing a pump or some kind of heating element to heat the water for you. Finally, it comes down to your own personal preferences and how much you want to spend, how large you want the portable camping shower to be, and what kind.

The Following Are Reviews Of Some Of The Best Portable Camping Showers That Are Available For Purchase Today:

If you are looking for an inexpensive and very basic handheld portable camp shower, then the American Recreation Solar Shower is for you. It has a five-gallon water capacity and an easy to use spray nozzle with a hose clip to turn it on and off with ease. It is also quick to heat while also retaining the heat if you want a hot shower. Like your tent, this portable shower unit is an easy to transport, easy to use, and convenient option if you are looking for a basic and no-frills way to shower on your next camping trip.

best portable shower

2.2 x 9.2 x 0.9 inches


•  Incredibly easy to use
• Heats and retains water
•  Very affordable price
•  Good hose length
•  Adequate water pressure


•  If the bag is overfilled, it may tear or rip the handle from the bag
•  Valve may become difficult to use over time

The Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower has an approximately six-foot-long hose to provide you with plenty of wiggle room and an easier and more convenient way to shower. The showerhead features one simple flow rate. To use, place the pump into a bucket of water to maintain a constant stream. It is also battery powered and will hold a charge for up to an hour. A 2.5-gallon bucket of water can also yield a 7- to 8-minute shower.

Best Camping shower


  • Lightweight and compact; easy to travel with
  • S-Shaped hanging hooks and suction cup holder
  • Up to six feet of flexible hose
  • Fits conveniently into a backpack when not in use


  • Lacks any significant water pressure
  • Cannot temporarily shut it off while in use

The Advanced Elements Portable Solar Shower offers you an easy and convenient way to shower in the wilderness. Its five-gallon bag heats up quickly when left in the sun and the 18-inch tube length allows comfortable reach and movement. It is made from a very durable PVC material with a strong handle so it will be a good companion on many trips. The showerhead also offers adequate pressure.

portable camping shower


•  Heavy-duty 4-ply construction for durability
•  Reflector and insulator panel
•  Easy on and off switch
•  Extra-large filling valve
•  Convenient side pockets for storage of shampoo, etc.
•  Water temperature gauge
•  Velcro straps to store washcloths


•  Heavy to lift when full
•  Must be kept in the sun for warm water
•  Will not heat water on cloudy or cool days

If you are looking for more privacy and security with your portable camping shower, then the Texsport Camping Shower is the ideal choice. It has a five-gallon water tank, mesh shower rack, and a removable hanging towel bar for convenience. It also features a very large zippered D-style door for easy in and out access. The heavy-duty taffeta walls are coated with polyurethane for durability and it also includes a ripstop polyurethane floor that is removable, along with a rainfly.

camping shelter/shower


•  Includes rust-resistant chain-corded steel poles
•  Mesh windows and panels for ventilation
•  Includes a convenient storage bag
•  Skylights for visibility
•  Offers privacy and security


•  Must be assembled
•  May not support the full five gallons of water

For a very simple, straightforward, and basic portable camping shower option, this portable camping shower happens to be one of Amazon’s top choices. You can very easily turn any one to two-liter bottle of water into a quick and convenient shower. Simply attach the bottle and raise the device over what needs to be washed and tilt it upside down. If you want warm water, leave the bottle of water in the sun for a while.

Portable Camping Shower

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for a basic and simple way to shower while on your next camping trip or would prefer the privacy and security of a bigger apparatus, you are sure to find what you are looking for above. Featuring more than affordable prices and many convenient features, you can find the best portable camping shower to keep you and your family clean and refreshed for many camping trips to come.

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